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  • Thank you for being so interested in being a content writer on the WPWebTools with more page views per month.
  • We are one of the content providers in the WordPress Websites field.

The Type of Content We’re Looking for:

We’re looking for well-written, high-quality, engaging, exciting, informative, and tutorial-based articles.

Please send guest articles related to the following categories:

  • Domain
  • Plugins
  • WordPress Themes
  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress

Copy Guidelines to Follow:

  • The guest post content must be 100% unique, plagiarism-free, and never published anywhere.
  • The guest post should be at least 2500+ words. 
  • Depending on the context, the h2, h3, and h4 tags should indicate the article headings and subheadings.
  • It must be written in English, without spelling or grammatical errors to be taken seriously.
  • Guest content must be search engine friendly. Written around the focus keyword that represents your topic.
  • Submit your article with optimized Meta titles and meta descriptions.
  • The guest post article should be properly researched and include the most updated information about the topic you propose to write about.
  • We have all rights to edit and repurpose the submitted content as needed.
  • Use relevant featured images and supporting images.
  • Credit the original author when using third-party content
  • Any guest article submitted only for marketing purposes or affiliate-based articles will be rejected.
  • We allow one do-follow link in the content body.
  • There should be generic and resourceful links in the content body. Don’t link to low-quality sites, we do check the quality of links before publishing.
  • You have to avoid using affiliate links and excessive promotional sentences, or sales words, or else it will be scrapped.
  • Interlinking to wpwebtools’s old articles will help a lot in processing your article quickly.
  • No spam links should be included.

Media Guidelines to Follow: (Images, Videos, etc.)

  • Must include 1 featured image & relevant images.
  • Featured image size 1200px width, 800px height and body image size: 600px width, 400px height
  • Compress your image size of 100 KB without compromising the quality.
  • Must not use images from Google Images or taken from another website. 
  • When you use screenshots as a body in your guest article, keep in mind the goal is to depict the information in your images properly.

Which Posts will be Rejected?

  • Low-quality content.
  • Includes affiliate links.
  • Includes phishing link-building tricks.
  • Has poor grammar/ syntax errors.
  • Is copied or has been posted elsewhere on the internet.
  • Does not meet the recommended word count.
  • Is missing media items.
  • Has more than one do-follow link.

We reserve the right to make minor edits to the content if needed.

Waiting Time

We read and go through all submissions. It might take us 1–5 working days before we reply to your submission. Publication of your article usually takes 1-2 weeks if it is approved.

Submit & review

Please share the completed article in a Google Doc with comment/edit permissions. After you have submitted the article, we will review it thoroughly.

We reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish the article. If we do not post the article you can reuse it for your purposes and if we publish it, we own the right to edit and modify the article in the future and you can’t post the article anywhere else.

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